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Gender roles aren't what they used to be, but that doesn't mean that men don't still love the thrill of the hunt. Don't friend him on Facebook, don't text him first and don't initiate anything.According to Schneider, it's particularly important to allow men the ability to pursue you in this modern age of technology. Once a guy knows you're interested by initiating conversation, it kind of throws the whole chase off." Schneider cautions women to not be so accessible.

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"Dating can be very emotional," says Sherrie Schneider, co-author of The Rules series of dating advice books.

"Women can operate with their heart instead of their head." Following dating rules help you set and maintain your own standards and make sure you don't allow your emotions to overrule your common sense.

"If I can reach you on Facebook, can text you or tweet you - there's no mystery. It's just instant hook-ups and contact and everything's last minute," says Schneider. "Women are texting guys in the middle of the night, back and forth for hours, and they're not getting dates.

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