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I contacted Elena Kirienko; she currently has an ad at She asks deep personal questions and the answers you give answers are just what she is looking for, no matter what the answers really are.

The subject line for all her letters are "FROM OMSK WITH LOVE" but alas, it's really from Omsk for scam.

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The flight numbers and times really exist, so she does her homework. We often see of each other, and I do not feel yourself by the unfortunate and deprived child.

The night before you are to meet, you get a panicked email from her, supposedly from an Internet caf in Moscow. But I would not want to repeat destiny of my parents.

Elena is very good at playing her role, saying exactly what a lonely middle-aged man wants to hear.

At the time of the trip, she tells you what flight and what airline she is using. Unfortunately my parents are divorced 11 years, but till now they have saved the friendly and very warm relations.

Anyone who has ever seen the American movie "The Sting" will remember that in the movie they slip a small sting on the 'mark' first, and they package it in such a way that the 'mark' does not know he has been had on during the first sting. The 'mark', in this case me, pays for the alleged trip without even knowing he's been had.

On her 'return' from Moscow (contact stops for about a week) she claims success. If the sap is in love, he complies willfully; he (I in this case) has become blinded by love.

I had not advertised in any sites but i had browsed some. Russia city : Kirov street: Moskovskaya house 122 apartment 433 Irina Petuhova The details of my story are as follows on the attached pages.

This person was obviously stupid but was trying to fleece me for some money. I therefore request to prosecute , Shahudinova Albina Galimullovna for fraud according to the law of the Russian Federation.

Almost from the beginning, (2nd letter), she stated that she could only write once every two days or so as she simply did not have the money.

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