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When they turn to face our attacks, we should keep a distance.

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Finally, we must array our army to ambush their commander.

Although Qi's troops are numerous, their organization is unstable...

There is no agreed upon starting point for the Warring States period.

According to one definition, it began in 481 BC when the House of Tian eliminated the House of Jiang and usurped the throne of Qi.

To defeat them, we must strike swiftly, unexpectedly and retreat quickly before they can counter attack.

This will create unease in their weary soldiers and reduce their fighting spirit.

To defeat them, we should divide our army into three columns and have two attack the left and right flanks of Qi's army.

Once their battle formations are thrown into disarray, the central column should be in position to attack and victory will follow.

He is traditionally credited with the authorship of the Wuzi, one of the Seven Military Classics, in which he described the military merits of six of the Warring States.

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