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AJ Lee and CM Punk are well on their way to completing this wrestling love story.The only thing they still need to check off the list is children.

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As a talented female wrestler herself, Smack Down Women’s Champion, Naomi, got together with Jimmy Uso, and formed one scary and intimidating couple.

Prior to marrying the Smack Down superstar, Naomi starred on the E! Naomi was unfortunately removed from the show following the news that she married Uso.

He finally found his stone cold soulmate when he met Kristen Feres.

The two have been happily married since 2009 and now split time residing in Marina Del Rey, California, and Tilden, Texas.

Punk and Lee now reside in Chicago, so we figure their house will be full of little wrestlers soon enough!

Prior to tying the knot with WWE legend Sean Michaels, Rebecca Curci was a wrestler in her own right, taking the wrestling alias Nitro Girl.

Since their Vegas marriage, Michaels and Curci have been living a happily married life with two children Before becoming the female wrestler known as Eden Stiles, Brandi Rhodes was pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

She worked her way up from a news reporter to anchor and eventually became an announcer for the WWE. While she was hesitant at first, not wanting to get involved with a co-worker early in her career, eventually she caved and accepted an invitation to hang out Rhodes. The Miz and WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet are in love and they want the whole world to know!

Their love story has not been simple, however, and involves a couple of domestic disputes and restraining orders.

Hardy and Sky have since reconciled and moved on from these issues, realizing what truly matters.

Mc Mahon tied the knot with Marissa Mazzola way back on September 14th, 1996 but the couple have been together since high school.

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