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It is also reported that we have captured their entire train. I think that perhaps in a few days we will have some reliable facts from that quarter. From him we gather some items in reference to the recent battle. The enemy's loss 25,000, of whom 7,000 are prisoners. The battle of Chicamauga [page torn] divisions (one of them Negleys). has resided in California for the last 9 years, (in Merced Co.) He returned to his father's near Booneville in January or February through Corinth, and is now in the service. A party of 300 Yankees came down in 3 or 4 miles Page 7 of New Albany a few days ago. The uvula is elongated and is presenting an unusual appearance and she became alarmed. Brice sent after Pa to go and set his arm which had got out of place at the shoulder joint while holding the mule he was riding, the bridle thrown across his arm, the mule became frightened and jerking the bridle, dislocated the arm. A covered was just passed through followed by troops dressed in black--the most of them--some however seemed to have on blue. Young fenced the tables and served the first table, Mr. Mc Daniel is much distressed her brother Worden Baird having been killed at Chickamauga.

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The enemy has lost over a hundred pieces of artillery and we have 52000 men in our hands as prisoners. Bragg in an address to his soldiers tells them they have fought nobly but the victory is only half won. Those people of God have passed through horrible persecutions by the papists. He called back [page torn] Falkner was in camp and made a speech this morning. Dave Crockett was over this evening to see if he could not buy Page 6 "Kit" mule Pa was not here and I gave him no encouragement. A party went up to the Yankees, (Vicksburg deserters) a few days ago and captured 9 Yankees and some horses. Wile crept up through the bushes to where he could get a glimpse of the road and came back and reported that Page 13 a lot of cavalry was passing along the road and he believed they were Yankees for they were too well dressed for our men. He thinks he is some better but is still very weak.

We have lost five Generals, two killed and three wounded. He states that our loss is 10,000 of which 6/7 are wounded. It is rumored that the Yankees are fortifying at Chattanooga. It is supposed from this fact that the Yankees have crossed the Tennessee. The Yankees say they intend to be at Ellistown and Guntown on the day of the election and help vote. I do not remember to have seen a single cloud this day. Abner Branyan came over after dinner to get Pa to see her child's throat. He says one man have on blue pants and several blue coats. We (Worthy, Wile & myself) then cautiously came up to the thicket in the back part of the field below the lane, where we could see the lane, and the lane was full of cavalry men.

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All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. When I looked at his dead body, I could not but think of the remark of Dr. "Here lies sacred dust." A large congregation was out. I acknowledge that I was disappointed at the results. White was shot in the head, Rily Wallis in the back of the neck. James Galloway was shot in the bowells and died next morning. We know nothing of the numbers or movements of these Yankees above Baldwyn. I do not expect there was any voting at our precinct. We have drenched him with several things but he does not seem much relieved and I will not be surprised to get up in the morning and find him dead. Watts with a load of cane to have the juice pressed out by her mill. This I have hitherto been reluctant to Page 28 believe.

All em dashes are encoded as -- Indentation in lines has not been preserved. I went down to protract the meeting with enlarged expectations [page torn] to an increase of our members but in both respects I have been disappointed. We now know some news about the casualties of Chickamauga. Eber Gambrell was shot in the head--though he is still living, he would certainly die. But Wile returned before he got there with the news that the Yankees were again in the neighborhood and that they were fighting over about Humphreys, and after I heard this I myself heard the report of several guns in the direction of the Cross Roads. Bowlen also says the Charleston Railroad is certainly torn up, and the Yankees have drawn in their lines, the nearest Yankee being just a half mile this side of Corinth. To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. I have the joy of working with a team of songwriters that includes Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook, as well as others.The elders did not think that protracting the meeting under the circumstances would be prudent. Caldwell [left] to go to his command (Mulls com[mand] Tilghman Scouts. Went to Josiah Caldwells and spent the night pleasantly. Of course there is much anxiety to hear from our friends in that area. The people complain of the lawless proceedings of some of the men who are gathering up beeves and corn in that country. About 10 heard a considerable volley--as of a platoon fired I think in Tishomingo bottom. Inges men met them at the Creek just below James Hill's and they fired at Long range. The New Albany fight was not so important as we had heard. They went towards Corinth crossing Tallahatchie at Kelly's upper Mill. See from his papers that Rosecrans is being heavily reinforced from Meade's army. Today and yes[terday] we have heard various r[umors]. On Monday the 21st, I think it was, there was a stubborn fight 2 m west of Ringgold, lasting from 10 A. Chalmers command up in Lafayette, Falkner's Regiment is camped at the mouth of Tippah, so Br. Occasional firing was heard on down the Pontotoc road. These men while at Knox's sent a squad and searched the house of Wm. Songs I’ve written include The Glory of the Cross, Let Your Kingdom Come, Grace Unmeasured, and O Great God.

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