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He also meets prospective parents, who are often left unsure as to whether the birth mother will actually give her child away once it's born.These stories all "have something a touch utopian about them, involving a kind of idealism and forward thinking that brings new opportunities but also new risks," Theroux said in a statement.He travels to the US polyamory capital, Portland, Oregon, known for its motto "Keep Portland Weird", to immerse himself in the movement and meet families in various polyamorous arrangements.

I guess he broke up with Heidi,’” he revealed.“I guess I just thought about that relationship ending.”Heidi was Justin’s first wife of over 14 years with whom he split the same year him and Jennifer started dating.

Louis backed up his comments by saying he later thought, "that's kind of cool, that he is going out with someone famous."He also described the actress as ‘great’, and ‘really nice’.

-ROO; born ) is a British journalist and broadcaster.

He currently works with the BBC, producing his documentaries and popular television series.

I can't say that I'm completely blindsided by these revelations.

Still, it's shocking and upsetting to have one's worst fears confirmed. I'm not that comfortable doing polemic or being strident. I think what I'm good at is getting to know people, and trying to build a relationship over a few weeks and trying to get to the truth.With nearly half of marriages in the US now ending in divorce, 2018 is the perfect time to investigate the relationship pioneers rewriting the rules of traditional monogamy and family life.With everyone from young Silicon Valley millennials to a British middle-aged, middle-class couple in the BBC drama At a recent preview of the film, Theroux said he believes that in 90% of polyamorous relationships there’s "one person who’s not getting as much out of it" as others, but that he also came to realise the downsides of monogamy while making the film.Most adoptions in the state are carried out privately as part of a multimillion dollar industry, and pregnant women can receive up to ,000 for giving up their newborn to adoptive parents, while agencies, facilitators and lawyers can earn thousands of dollars per baby.Naturally, while making the films he came to reflect on his own marriage and mortality, he told the audience at the recent event.It was his more reflective comments that packed a real punch however.

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