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Palvin states that Sprouse slid into her DMs and wrote, “Hey, I don’t know if you’re in New York for very long, but we shoudl hang out if you want to.Here’s my number.” But, Palvin didn’t reply for six months.The controversy also ruined his image, and when his brother, Cole came to his defense, both the brothers were rejected by the film industry for quite some time. They both made a cute couple, and the fans loved them together.

Who is cole sprouse currently dating

Tall and handsome Dylan Sprouse has grabbed millions of attention through his performances in films and TV series.

His female admirers are eager to know whether he is open to dating someone.

In 1999, they starred in the comedy-drama ‘After the show exceeded the expectations of a lot of people, the twin brothers started receiving many offers in Hollywood.

The twin brothers are now all grown up, and they’re still active in the industry.

Dylan Sprouse played the lead Zack Martin in the show along with his twin brother, Cole Sprouse, who appeared as Cody Martin.

Dylan is now all grown up and has portrayed numerous roles in tons of movies and TV shows.

Back when Dylan and his twin brother Cole were a part of ‘’, they were paid ,000 per episode.

In 2010, they named the wealthiest child actors in the industry.

Throughout his acting career, he has played numerous roles in several movies and TV shows.

Dylan and his brother have a combined net worth of million.

Eventually, Dylan and Barbara started chatting and meeting and soon started their love story. I’ll save the sappiness for private but my life is better now.”Following their love affair, the couple also moved in together.

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