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The fashion icon is expected to change up to five times a day for formal meals, black-tie- cocktails, church services and gift exchanges.

And there will be no lolling about in PJs come Christmas day, the source said.

Adds Robert Jobson, author of William and Kate: The Love Story: “It will be a difficult baptism in protocol laced with pitfalls She’s first the first outsider since Camilla so all eyes will be on her.” Michael Jackson’s advice to his daughter Paris was simple: Never forget.

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Vonn tweeted, “Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am not dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else).” Sandra Bullock is finally returning to the big screen.

More than two years after her last film, her Oscar-winning role in “The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock will return in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” At a press conference for the film (co-starring Tom Hanks and directed by Stephen Daldry) in New York, Bullock, 47, said she waited carefully before making movies again after adopting baby Louis and watching her marriage to Jesse James fall apart over his serial infidelity.

Tebow hung out with Vonn at the ESPYs and at ski races, the New York Post reports. But “Lindsey is just friends with the Tebow family.

Anyone who is trying to suggest any more to their relationship is wrong,” a rep told the Post.

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Rumors swirl that New York Jets QB Tim Tebow has a new girlfriend, Camilla Belle.

A reporter asked the star if she considered leaving the acting profession altogether after becoming a single mom. That just shifted and became my full priority.” Bullock, who has remained single since she and James, 42, finalized their divorce in summer 2010 despite a close friendship with pal Ryan Reynolds, has spent time with her boy in their homes in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Austin, Texas, Us weekly reports.

“I wasn’t thinking about any of that,” Bullock replied. Apparently Daldry was especially accommodating of Bullock’s schedule.

Without her royal aides, parents or siblings at her side (no in-laws are invited), the princess will “quickly learn that this is not like any Christmas she has had,” a royal source told Us Weekly.

The newly wed Kate’s first challenge is just packing.

Before that, Vonn had a three-year relationship with Tiger Woods, which ended in 2015.– – – – – –[email protected] follow her on Twitter!

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