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The problem is that when i create or update changes of User Login Details on my Datagrid it saves successfully to the database in the output folder (bin\debug\file) But when i want to log in using the updated or newly created record that was updated to the User database, i get an error message saying the user does not exist. My name is ALok Seth working in some organization as a developer.

When i go back to check the raw Userdatabase file in the output folder (bin\debug\file) the data would no longer be there. I want to open another window on press on function key when my grid's cell is in editable mode.

The names of the columns or properties of the items in the combobox are critical to answering this question, and you haven't provided them. I don't know if your columns aren't called what you think they are, or what.

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Open() Dim status CVS As Collection View Source = Find Resource("Status Items") Dim com2 As String = "SELECT * FROM tmf CNCComponent Status_threed" Dim Adpt Status As New Sql Data Adapter(com2, con) Adpt Status. This is the code with which I tested the above answer.

The grid will update the Data Row View column value when the cell leaves edit mode.

Thanks Instead of to use the List Changed event just to set a variable, I use it to store the update procedures and I replace the ugly Row Validated event by Cell End Edit with just a call to bindingsource. End Edit will then trigger your List Changed event automatically This circumvment two problems in the original article, being forced to move the cursor to another row after editing a cell, and after deleting a single row.

The two events below are enough Your code works perfectly (i.e i can update records on my datagrid to database).

I have trued calling the Update(), Update Cell(column, row)...

_event which executes my function changing the value of the cell to 0) --focus is now on the cell to the left of original cell, but the original is still blank- Yet value is 0.It disappears like it was deleted or something erased it. I close the app and restart and I am back to the original 3 rows. But unable to handle which event will fire at this mode. Thanks in advance I have a datagridview containing both normal textbox columns and combobox columns.Please what do i need to do to retain updated record from the datagrid to the database so that all other forms can get access to it. Net 2008 and MS Access Thanks This is an excellent article but I am trying to figure out how to get the code in Form1to work. Moving within a row, either with tab key or mouse click, I can capture a List Changed event when focus moves to either one of two combobox columns (but not 3 others! Same thing occurs tabbing through end of row and on to next row, when reaching the first of the two columns mentioned. I would like to give users the ability to update from the datagridview and have the program immediately update the sql server table. Now I am wondering which events to use to validate and update the database, wheter to enable/disable the validating events? The problem is that I'm trying to edit, validate and update behind the scenes by allowing the user to make changes directly to the grid.My questions related to this are: On which events should I be editing the changed data? How will I need to keep track when user has changed a key column and an update would no longer work? I usually code the data adpater, dataset, and connection string rather than from the toolbox and using an xsd and I usually do not update directly to the datagridview.etc Get me started, please Code Cruiser: Your comment was helpful but not what I'm looking for. I was trying to get straight when to validate, when to update, whether I have to code to handle if user changes a key column?

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