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Main requirement for it, it must be all skins, plugins etc etc, which you have installed from the feed.

updating technomate on linux-76

10) Make sure the Update path is showing as /storage/c/ (providing the two files where save to the root of your USB stick) and then press RED (Enigma2 Update).

You should see a pop up on-screen explaining about the updating Enigma2 and warning you not to power off the receiver (this is all automated functions and messages you dont need press and keys at this point).

For anyone this is the easiest way to install enigma 2 on an Alien2 triple HOW TO LOAD ENIGMA2 FIRMWARE WITH SPARK PLUGIN USING A USB STICK AND EASY TO FOLLOW ON-SCREEN MENU IN SPARK - FOR THE AMIKO ALIEN / ALIEN 2 Items required: USB Stick Formatted to FAT32 Use HP Format Tool for formatting if you have any problems with the USB not being seen by the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 Spark Mini Plugins pack for the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 Enigma2 Firmware for the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 1) Download the. 3) Now remove the USB stick from your computer and with your Amiko Alien / Alien 2 receiver powered on and connected to your TV insert the USB stick into a USB port on Amiko Alien / Alien 2 receiver (either front or rear USB port will work in the case of the Alien 2 - just ensure you have no other USB devices connected at the time).

If you need this pack will pm me 2) Insert a USB stick into your computer, open the Plugin Pack file you just downloaded and extract the complete plugin directory from the or file to the root of the USB stick (which must have been pre-formatted to FAT 32).

This will now display the Upgrade from USB menu and the update will start automatically which will only take a few seconds and once complete will automatically reboot your receiver.

At the point of reboot you can now remove the USB stick from the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 (if you dont then the receiver will keep prompting to update after each reboot - you can just click no though if you wish).

, just secure what you need, here once Couple examples: Own spinners: In addition to backup files choose --- spinner, there spinner with yellow Select and Save with Green Even easier would be: Own spinners: Put in the folder "/ etc / enigma2 / spinner", then they will be found automatically and backed up / restored with no further action and you do not have to save them under additional files to be backed up.

Own bootlogo In addition to backup files select --- bootlogo.mvi, also here with yellow Select and green Save Own factory boat logo: As "/etc/enigma2/bootlogo.mvi" put, then it is also used automatically instead of the factory boot logos and also backed up / restored and you do not have to save them in addition to backup files.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Please see the How To ( in german language only): https:// is a quick and dirty Goolge translation: Importantly, there should be an internal / external HDD and if both are not the case, a USB stick which is then recognized by the image as media / hdd, one of the three memories, must always be connected to your receiver.

After a short while the message will disappear and you will be returned back to the Enigma2 Update menu at this point you are actually finished and Enigma2 is now flashed, so you can exit all menus and reboot the receiver yourself and using the FORCE function on boot up make the receiver boot into Enigma2 mode (by first powering down the receiver and then powering on the receiver again while pressing and holding the OK button on the front of the receiver until FORCE is shown on the front screen, then pressings the down arrow (Enigma2) on the front of the receiver and then pressing OK on the front of the receiver) Your Amiko Alien / Alien 2 is now in Enigma2 mode and so will boot to this mode each time as default!

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