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All servers and networks have limitations that may cause them to falter when the load exceeds one of their capacities.

Lessons which use video require streaming data at 90 Kilobytes per second.* Non-video lessons require only 22 Kilobytes of data per second streamed to the computers.

Includes all EX support, Automatically adds ignition tables to F/I units if they don't have them, Automatically prompts user and saves backup map files to "My Documents", Added support for selecting quickshifter kill type, Includes updated help files.

Once the content of the courses has been installed onto the network file server, students can easily access the programs from any station on the network.

About nexgen nexgen is a Silicon Valley company based in San Jose, California with offices in Jakarta, Indonesia.

nexgen is dedicated to providing next-generation English language learners with sophisticated learning content which, when combined with real-time advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), allows learners to achieve their English language goals—guaranteed.

Network Evaluation by Dyn Ed Testing Your Network Ordering Site Licenses Installing Courses Example Configuration #1 Example Configuration #2 General Recommendations Other Information All Dyn Ed programs can be networked!

In addition, all student records are automatically stored on the central file server where they can be accessed and evaluated by instructional staff from any computer on the network.

It is nearly impossible for Dyn Ed to specify a server and network combination that we can guarantee will handle the number of simultaneous users you want.

We outline below the type of network load that can be expected from the use of our programs, but we urge you find a dealer or manufacturer who can suggest a configuration that they are willing to support.

A typical 100Base-T connection may handle up to 200 non-video users but only 60 video users.

For this reason, programs using Dyn Ed's video-based courses generally need a 1000Base-T connection to run the programs effectively.

An overview of some typical network configurations which run Dyn Ed programs, and a detailed listing of the minimum types of client computers needed for different Dyn Ed courses can be found in Example Network Configurations on the following pages.

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