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A: Yes, but you have to use the "custom" capability of Notes Managed Settings Also, if there is a collision between the base meeting server host name and an existing Notes key, there are details in the wiki on the exact keys that are necessary: If it looks like only the new "meeting Server Host Name" is listed, that is correct. You will need to open a PMR and request the Hotfix from Lotus Support.Q: Can we use managed community file in ST 8.02 if we install a hotfix? Q: It would be great if any client debugging setting could be enabled remotely for clients using guys here is a situation I have a batch file which runs at am in the morning(Task Schedular ) , and save its results in a text file , or i can even have its output in DOC or XLS file .

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you are interested in using your Domino server, here's an example of a simple Lotus Script agent that will send a text email with a file attachment: one benefit I see to using blat or tool outside of notes is that you can call the e-mail command from the same batch file that creates the document (after it is created of course) and thereby can tie the two together.

If you use notes then you have to worry about checking if the attachment is there, domino can see the path, worry about missed schedules and so forth.

Only the file can be used to update the community settings of the deployed user base.

Q: Can you use a domino desktop policy to define meeting server ip and port info?

It would be nice if that could be controlled with a setting administered centrally.

A: A quick way to get a user to enable debug setting in the ISA tool is Help - Q: Can we turn off the http GET after a certain period (like say 2 months) to prevent the traffic hit?

In addition, if he does not have access to the domino server to test the code as he stated then it will be a little harder to iron out the process.

brwwiggins Blat may be the answer, but he does have access to the Domino server: "I have a lotus notes Domino 6.5 and I am Administrator on this server.".

It's a little confusing, though, because in the next sentence he states: "security Ploycies not give me chance to play around with server such scripts".

It sounds to me like he has access to Domino but not the physical server itself.

I don't think many customers will like the idea of having another server just for managed settings files.

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