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So if you’re browsing for vanity light fittings take the time to double check that the shade will go with the fixture.

My original plan was to simply buy a couple of similar new ceiling mount fixtures in a brushed bronze finish to match the hardware on the bedroom doors.

But when I stopped by the Home Depot to see what the choices were in my price range, I was not impressed.

The seeded glass shades in the new fixture were much less forgiving and the overall effect the couple were after was ruined by that expanse of plastic socket. This time they settled on a single bulb, industrial style, globe fixture.

It sported a shade that featured the same seeded glass they had loved so much in their original replacement.

Go over strokes if necessary, striving for an even coating without streaks.

Sometimes you can update a light fixture in a bathroom just by swapping out one kind of shade for another; shades maybe small but they can really make a difference.

When you're decorating, it's just these kinds of details that make a room go from bland to grand. The glass shade or bulb cover can usually be detached by removing a finial or some screws without having to turn off electricity to remove the entire fixture.

Wash it with warm, soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Trim around your stencils so they fit on the fixture’s glass panels.

The housing of the globe effectively shielded the bulb socket from view.

The only feature of the new light that they weren’t immediately sold on was the wire “cage” that encased the shade and bulb.

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to spruce up any object -- even glass.

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