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While living with your Taiwanese boyfriend’s in-laws might not seem so bad, for others it’s horrific.

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Numerous factors account for this, many of which I don’t fully understand myself.

But, I suspect the perceived higher social status of Western women and the big, black omnipresent beast that is Chinese patriarchy both play a role.

H explaing that this rule was because it would disrupt the family order. If marrying in Taiwan is too remote a possibility to consider, it might be more helpful to think about how Taiwanese casual dating norms.

Every culture has a set of “desirable” feminine traits it prescribes for women. Here, being feminine means being fragile, delicate, and child-like.Here are some considerations to keep in mind before venturing into the little-chartered territory of multicultural dating in Taiwan.Women in Chinese societies occupy a lower social status than men.The most striking thing about expat culture in Taiwan is seen in relationships.You’ll see many relationships between Western men and Taiwanese women in contrast to the other way around – Western women with Taiwanese men.Unfortunately this is still evident in the way that families are structured in Taiwan.

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