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He had no idea that he’d cave when he was asked what should happen to the baby and volunteer almost without a second thought to raise him by himself. His nephew was more of his son than anything, and he didn’t need anyone else to help him.

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”Jimin let out a sigh of relief and started to get up, “Actually, he wanted to dress me up as a bride for my wedding,” Jimin gave an embarrassed laugh and took off his princess crown and feathered boa that was shedding now around where Jimin stood, “My groom sadly left me at the altar though, so next time we’re going to have to find him,” Jimin started to step out of Jungkook’s room, but froze and turned back around to Jin who was following behind him, “Jungkook is apparently learning about families in school, and he asked me why you weren't assigned to him with a mom like everyone else’s dad’s were.” “Ah,” Jin glanced over at the living room where Jungkook was now sitting and watching a late night cartoon, his head nodding off every few seconds as sleep kept attempting to claim him for the night.

He was relentless and stubborn though, just as he always was with his curious questions.

” Jimin grabbed his black dance bag he always brought with him from his dance classes to pick Jungkook up from pre-school and then back home.

He slung it around his shoulder and made his way to the door, turning back around to Jin to ask one more thing, “Hey, tomorrow night is Friday night, and I was thinking…” “I’ll get home early, it’s fine,” Jin interrupted him, raising his hand to assure Jimin that he didn’t need to beg anymore to have a night off. ” Jimin grinned, “It really wouldn’t be hard on me to just stay a little later.

“Chimmy is sweeping,” Jungkook pointed towards his room where the door with letter stickers spelling out Jungkook’s name stuck to it was cracked open, revealing an image of a blonde boy - that looked to be in his teens though he was already well in to college - wearing a tiara, a pink boa, and makeup smeared all over his face as he slept, leaned up against Jungkook’s Star Wars themed bedding.

Jin laughed to himself and picked Jungkook up to set him down next to him on the couch.

Ah, Jungkook’s lack of being able to form the ‘l’ sound always made Jin weak at the knees.

Maybe one of these days he really would quit his job just because Jungkook asked him too, but in the meantime, working hard to make sure he and Kookie lived comfortably sadly won over Jungkook’s puppy dog eyes just by a little.

He didn't follow through with those plans though, too thankful to the undergrad dance major for helping him out every late weeknight to do that to him.

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