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Fun/Stimulation - Games, simulations or quests have a built-in engagement factor.

Scott Harkenss teach senior sciences at Penticton Secondary and he introduced me to scavenger hunts.

Students can demonstrate this lack of engagement by withholding effort and by "voting with their feet" through rising chronic absenteeism as they get older, and chronic absenteeism is among the highest predictors of dropping-out of school. Hirschman, it appears that the lack of student motivation is a major contributing cause to many choosing this option of "exit" (withdrawal from active engagement) over "voice" ( active participation ) in academic life. Many guests and readers will be offering suggestions in this four-part series on student engagement.

Harkness has embraced QR-code generators and his students are first required to complete traditional clue worksheets that provide hints as to where the team might find an assortment of QR codes hidden around the school.

Once found, and scanned, these codes take the students to whatever web-sites that Harkness requires them to locate.

What might surprise the reader is the age of the students.

Many of the most passionate scavengers are seniors!

In one example, during the safety unit his students actually visit the local fire department and use real fire extinguishers to put out real fires.

Something considered necessary is also relevant to the student - the learning matters in a real life context.

Lastly, readers might also be interested in another collection of resources titled The Best Posts & Articles On Student Engagement.

Responses in today's column come from Julia Thompson, Myron Dueck, Bryan Harris, and Debbie Silver. show, I have also just done a special one following-up my series here last month on teacher evaluation.

They are up and out of their seats involved in activities that promote thought, creativity, and discovery.

Students are busy, self-disciplined, and best of all, willing to take responsibility for their own learning because they understand that what they are doing is important.

The last column provides the student a place to indicate the details that will be featured through the medium.

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