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Her distinguished career in psychology includes work in virtually all aspects of mental health.

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Holding another person in the highest regard is important, not treating them like a commodity.” While Annabel decided to use her tantric sex prop as a visual reference.

“Life can be quite hard and people are quite tense," she says, stroking her arm.

Consider, for example, how she looks at the ‘right person right now’: “A tantra teacher I met the other day said to me, ‘The heart that breaks is not the True Heart.’ Wow! Our limited little hearts break because we were looking for the wrong thing…” Above all she cites Osho as the Tantric Master who provides soothing guidance and clarity on the path of expanding love, and on the part the Mind plays in setting up barriers to experience the love the heart yearns to share and experience: “Awareness changes things.

The very fact that you have taken responsibility for your own love and pleasure rather than blaming someone or something outside yourself changes the whole experience.

Why had I assumed Tantra was all about heightened seven-hour orgasms? “It may turn a little bit kinky if that’s what you want - but if you’re so focused by what’s in between your legs you may not notice someone pulling your hair or touching your face, it’s about sexual connection,” explains Alison in an otherworldly airy voice.

“It's not about sex or incense and feathers - though Tantra can teach people to touch beautifully – but you learn to slow down and be more sensual.

“So this idea that it’s just about sex and sex that lasts all night - it’s not, it’s about being present in any given moment of our lives,” says Annabel assuredly.

Strange, I think, as every mention of Tantra brings up a dated reference of Sting and Trudie and their experimental sex life.

Then you can breathe more fully into the present moment, face your fears, communicate, and expand into areas of yet-unknown bliss.” The book represents a handy guide for those seeking to understand why their dating is (so) unsuccessful.

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