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Swiss men and women report similar values about gender equality, while American women are more supportive of gender equality than are American men." That type of egalitarian mindset pans out well in the dating world.

A 2013 study from the Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich studied a group of women in romantic relationships with either women or men.

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ya vesela, dobrozychlyva, komunikatsiyna, vmiyu slukhaty i mayu vsi pryvyvky I am cheerful, friendly, communicative, able to listen and have all vaccinations I am of medium height, not thick and not thin.

The results from the 2015 World Happiness Report are in: Switzerland is the happiest place on Earth.

Some Swiss cantons are bilingual (French- and German-speaking), and Graub√ľnden speaks three languages ? So, as you see Dating Switzerland can be really exciting.

:-)Switzerland occupies an area of 41,290 square kilometers. The enormous and magnificent Alps, numerous rivers (such rivers as the Rhine, the Rhone and others start there) and breathtaking crystal-clear lakes (more than 200), fascinating waterfalls, unique landscapes and delicious cuisine (you will fall in love with a Swiss man as soon as you smell cheese fondue prepared by him), chic ski resorts, sledge tracks ?

"Just get friends," added another Redditor, remember_who_you_are. If you've got connections, meeting new people or just looking for a hookup will be much easier." They may have a point: Those who meet through their community (yes, friends of friends), feel stronger ties in their relationship and feel greater support from their social network.

And as the World Happiness Report found, it all comes down to happy relationships.

Previous surveys indicate that the happiest couples have sex about two to three times a week. Whereas in the United States, we often give our late dates the benefit of the doubt (the subway sucked! "People are also expected to show up on time for social outings, whether it's dinner at someone's house, drinks at a bar, or a party," Switzerland-based writer Catherine Mc Lean wrote in the noted, the Swiss tend to be at least 15 minutes early for appointments.

For a country particular time obsessed (about 87% of their trains arrive within three minutes of their scheduled time), punctuality is important.

(Not to mention, their average age of first birth is about four years after the United States.) For once, it's OK to be picky.

The Swiss are very family oriented, Tijmen added, so successful relationships prioritize home life over work life.

Ich bin jedoch auch in der Regel bereit zu gehen und Im a very emotional and romantic girl who looking for a serious relationship.

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