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There are very few men 60 on the East Coast, which is where I live. The guys there often pose sideways, as if they cannot even smile for one picture.Men are mostly on the West Coast, South West corridor, few over hear.

I was surprised that members can even create and answer their own essay questions. Being a vegan, I usually searched for vegans, but I also saved a search for vegetarian women who are 420 friendly and were willing to relocate--that's how specific you can get if you want. Anyway, there are many more great features and the pool is warm and welcoming, so I recommend diving in!

I had to write a review of this site, as I met my husband on it a little over 2 years ago.

The website runs with basic errors, the messenger does not work and staff working there are not responsive enough to be a professional site.

Their moderation policy is subjective and not balanced.

I didn't have to weed through a bunch of profiles of women who I didn't have anything in common with.

There are a lot of tools that make finding someone easy, including astrology compatibility, Match % based on in-depth Match Questions (which are really well done and fun to answer) and great essay questions. I found that being able to save and name different searches extremely helpful so I could go back and check them anytime.Some were local (I live in San Diego) and some were long distance, but I was open to meeting someone who lived anywhere, because, who knows where my soul mate might live. Tom had sent me an email first and when I read his profile, I thought, wow, we have so much in common, and I felt really drawn to him, like an old soul buddy.We emailed back and forth for a bit and then started talking on the phone.The essay questions were like a soul-searching exercise that really helped me get clear on exactly what I was looking for and what was important to me.The Match Questions offered even more detail and clarity and once completed gave me a match percentage with men who had also answered those questions.I never heard from any of the men who live overseas. We actually have a lot of men on the East Coast over 60.

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