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Everyone talks about what a gorgeous couple they are and how beautiful their babies would be. In most cases the shell mates never fell in love with each others souls.

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This is the part that doesn’t have to deteriorate like the shell.

In fact, the soul can improve over years and we actually have a tremendous amount of control over what happens to our souls!

" "I'm fine." You say sitting on a chair Yasuchika sits beside you "Can we leave?

" "No the twin are gonna buy me so much f/f so were staying." "I could just buy you it." *why would Chika-chan buy y/n-chan stuff?

We basically become what I will call shell mates in the beginning of any relationship. It changes shape, loses hair, wrinkles among many other things.

The connection that those 2 shell mates once had might also change form and fade away.

But what I gathered was it is the feelings, thoughts and actions of people or the emotional part of a person.

To me that means everything except the outer exterior. Initially we fall for the shell, the body, the smile, the face and even the clothes and style of the person we see.

" Yasuchika glares at Tamaki and pushed him away from you when he tried to kiss your hand Honey was even more confused Tamaki was also confused You just giggled "Look Tamaki-senpai I'm here because the twins brought me so I'm not a guest, so don't try and give me your fake love." "F-fake love?

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