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While most tampon brands are difficult to find, the majority of supermarkets will have the OB brand.

Erika: Condoms are readily available and often free in Namibia.

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Most men still expect women to do all the cooking, cleaning and washing.

Erika: While I do think that things are changing in Namibia, I see that there are still lingering cultural differences between most Namibian women and me.

Clinics also have antiretroviral treatment and Plan B on hand.

Erika: Most hospitals in larger towns and cities have gynecologists, though I have yet to visit one.

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Strangers can tell immediately that I am not an Afrikaaner and often ask why in the world I came to Namibia. It is easier to form relationships with men, because they are usually more approachable, but this is often because they are seeking more from you–a one-night stand, bragging rights for being with a westerner, a ticket to America…

Erika: All transportation is generally safe in Namibia for both genders.

Erika: It is difficult to classify “typical” Namibian men, but most that I have encountered have been very forward and aggressive.

Namibian men are not afraid to tell you they love you (even if you’ve never met) and ask for your hand in marriage.

Erika: The mixing of the sexes is socially accepted in Namibia and there are no environments I can think of where either women or men are not allowed.

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