Single dating professionals in jacksonville florida

The numbers simply don't support your contention, specifically given that the majority of "professionals" live outside Tampa proper, and that signficantly less than 50% of the overall greater Tampa population is college educated, and of that I would surmise that far less than 10% is black.

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I attribute this also, two-fold, to southern manners and hospitality, as well as the goodly number of mid-western transplants/retirees.

It used to be no matter where you went, EVERYONE, and I do mean everyone would greet you with a big howdy, hello and a few good words.

Frankly, in my knowledge and experience, one will find a greater percentage of black/white dating interaction in most large southern cities than in most northern cities. Tampa is a southern city, and most of the professional class is made up, down there, of white, southern born males.

Unfortunately, Tampa is near the bottom of that list, probably because of the low percentage of blacks in the population at large. Think about it, how many college educated boys from Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia, for example have you run into in the business offices of Pittsburgh? So, as a black woman, you're just not their cup of tea.

Unfortunately, in Tampa proper, that is no longer the case, though you'll still find that sort of warm welcome openness up north in Pasco and Hillsborough county. Getting back to the main thrust of your question, you may find that establishing a love life will be difficult on both fronts.

Black professionals are far and few between, and there just isn't anyplace that 'we' gather. For example, on my second stint in Tampa (of course this was in the early 90s), other than my GF and her family, I'm not sure I spoke with another black person at any time! Of course, its 10 years later, and the last time I was down was a bit over 2 years ago, and the area has gone through some changes. The basic problem in attracting black professionals to the area is the lack of a black social life.

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I currently live just north of Pittsburgh, and have wanted to move to Florida for years.

It is not my only reason for moving, but it is a concern. Back in the day when I was single, I dated men who were black, white, Hispanic and Asian (I'm white).

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