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During this time period, they actually had "Sigma Guitars by Martin & Co." on the headstock. The DR1ST was modeled after the Martin D-16 from what I could find.

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Martin has kept meticulous records of the serial number of last guitar produced each year, so finding the year of production by serial number is as simple as finding the range it falls into the chart below.

In a vast majority of cases, the serial number on a Martin guitar can be found inside the body near the neck joint.

I found this one at the Oceanside CA Swap Meet and picked it up for a mere $75.

It had some old loose strings on it, so I couldn't get a good read on the neck. I got home and got the swap meet layer of funk off of it easily..a little dust and the smell of breakfast burritos.

It seems like every major manufacturer has their second tier brand of guitars these days. In one of those "uh oh somebody's gonna get fired" moments, someone at Martin forgot to renew the trademark on the Sigma brand, and sure enough, one of those crafty overseas companies jumped on it and now own the Sigma brand.

Fender has Squier, Gibson has Epiphone, Ovation used to have Applause though I don't know if they still do. But, up until the last few years, Martin used the Sigma brand name from 1970 until 2007.

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