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There's often an element of mild pain on the part of the woman on the receiving end that can include hair pulling, ass spanking, tit slapping and groping, and a particularly powerful form of pounding as the cock enters her pussy with great force.

Dirty rough sex that will make you cum like never before.

I started pulling nearly completely out of her and then slamming…Continue reading Her moans suddenly became louder, normally she does not make that much nose during sex but now she was more vocal than ever.

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Her legs spread lewdly and her anus grossly stretched by the cock plowing in and out of it…Continue reading“Fuck me hard,” she demanded.

He did so, increasing the force, but not the speed, of his thrusts.

It felt just like a man had cum in me, I was so excited, I came twice in rapid succession and was screaming out loud…Continue reading He fucked me with his huge, thick 10 inch black cock with an engorged head the size of a golf ball, viciously whipping and punishing my mouth, pussy and ass with his man tool for hours on end until he usually came three times. Her body temperature began to rise in her excitement and I could feel her body perspire as it ground down…Continue reading I shoved my hard cock into her married cunt and fucked her doggy while at the same time holding her leash with my left hand, she let out several screams through the gag.

So I was fairly certain that I could handle anything he might plan for me with anyone else…Continue reading Jerking me with her hand, Penny directed my cock at her face and her open mouth just in time, and I blew my hot seed all over her. I stood up so that I was deeper inside her and could hit all her favorite spots, if she buried her head in the pillow I would pull on the chain so she…Continue reading Her throat bulging with the cock of a man who held either side of her head in his hands, sawing his cock back and forth between her full red lips as his balls slapped against her chin and her long braid brushed against his leg.

If you're reading this right now, you've probably had a moment when you were hooking up with a guy and thought, "God it would be so great if he pulled my hair right now," but it feels so weird to ask someone that — not to mention it can seem legitimately scary to ask someone to be a little rougher with you, but not so rough you end up in your own episode. At any rate, I didn't pick one up," that'll put a pause on that right quick.

But just because it seems scary and weird doesn't make it impossible to do. Tell him you want to be tied up and spanked, no more, no less. So when you say, "I want you to tie my wrists above my head and then fuck me," get out the tie and tell him when it's tight enough but not too tight and then get into the position you want him to fuck you in. Even if it's just a t-shirt or a scarf, have it by the bed so when you ask and he says yes, you can go for it.

My big juicy pussy is all for you…Continue reading I was in heaven and when the guy in my ass blew his load into my ass started to pull out, I was going to take the dick out of my mouth to yell for more, but they were ahead of me. I want you to shoot your hot cum into my cunt so I can feel it dripping down my thighs later during the wedding ceremony. ” Sally shrieked, pulling my hair roughly, grabbing it and jerking my head forward…Continue reading Jeremy groaned with each stroke as he grunted and labored attempting to stuff more of his hard shaft into her dripping snatch. Her pussy-lips were red and swollen from my sucking and licking them and her cunt-hole gaped open invitingly.

The dick that was in my ass was immediately replaced by another one, so I went back to sucking…Continue reading Her cunt was covered with thick black pubic hair, which I won’t let her shave off. Looking at me with slitted eyes, my mom purred at me…Continue reading Maria opened her eyes and smiled at me. Do you realize how hot it will be when we fuck from now on…Continue reading“Shit Adrian! All eyes, including Mom’s, were fastened on Al’s stiff cock as he positioned himself and eased it into her…Continue reading She was already wet when I touched her, but her pussy literally gushed with fluid.

Or tie something soft over your eyes and then go down on you. Seriously, spank me." The average guy who cares about you is probably going to start pretty light when you ask him to be rougher with you because he doesn't want to hurt you.

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