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His first starring film role was as a high-school vampire in the '80s teen comedy My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1988).

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Eric Foreman who played 174 episodes of 2004-2012, Robert Sean Leonard as Dr.

James Wilson who played 174 episodes of 2004-2012, Jesse Spencer as Dr.

If I can restrict our interactions to places where neither of us are wearing pants. Wilson: Yeah, that's not avoiding the problem, it's avoiding the issue.

In 1986, clean-cut American actor Robert Sean Leonard made his Broadway debut in Brighton Beach Memoirs and his film debut in The Manhattan Project.

See full summary » Not just the worst episode of House, but possibly the worst episode of any at-one-time-great television show.

Incomprehensible plotting and editing and a performance by Amber Tamblyn makes one lonesome for the unlamented Olivia Wilde.

In 2001, Leonard reunited with Dead Poets Society co-star Ethan Hawke to appear in the independent drama Chelsea Walls, Hawke's directorial debut.

He also co-starred with Hawke and Uma Thurman in Richard Linklater's intensely talky drama Tape. Also on Broadway, he could be seen in A Long Day's Journey Into Night and The Violet Hour.

on stage at first, saying: "The movie's so good and the book's so good. I never knew what that meant but it is true, the things that make you nervous are usually the things you will grow doing and maybe even enjoy the most.

The first day [of rehearsals] I came home and thought, 'I've made a terrible mistake'.

And to think, we have another season of this balderdash still to come.

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