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Here's how you should do it: String el Expression = "#"; ELContext el Context = faces ELContext(); Value Expression value Expression = faces Application()Expression Factory().create Value Expression(el Context, el Expression, Students Model Bean.class); Students Model Bean students Model Bean = (Students Model Bean) value Value(el Context); String hska Id = (String) Value(); students Model Student(hska Id); String... Here, your EL tries to invoke either a show Message() or a submit To Server() java method depending on a boolean value, which are not found. jsf,attributes,action,renderer As always, Balus C was right. This only prerequires: Bundle file is placed in same (sub)folder as composite XHTML itself.

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ajax,jsf-2,primefaces Why are fields reset after ajax update with Primefaces This problem has 2 possible causes depending on the concrete functional requirement: It's because you didn't tell JSF to process the desired input values.

Or, it's because you told JSF to also update the non-desired input values. jsf,primefaces,datatable,selection I finally found the solution. They had extended Prime Faces implemenation and incompletely implemented some methods.

Among others, the original request URI for which the error page...

jsf,pdf,jsf-2,richfaces I don't see anything wrong with your current setup.

jsf,jsf-2,primefaces You've set immediate=true on a UICommand Component, so the "Update model values" phase is skipped. Balus C offers this advice, "If set in UICommand only, the apply request values phase until with update model values phases will be skipped for any of the UIInput component(s)....

jsf,events,event-handling,ipc,portlet You need to programmatically get your Managed Bean via the ELContext. if(Component()Id().equals Ignore Case("COMPONENT ID FIRST")) in the above code "COMPONENT ID FIRST" is the current component where your value change listener is triggered and... One needs to add the following code: button.queue Event(new Action Event(button)); in the decode method of the according component renderer, where "button" is the UIComponent parameter of the "decode" method. jsf,composite-component,resourcebundle,properties-file Composites have implicit support for resource bundles via #.jsf,primefaces The action attribute is intented to execute a backing bean action method on click, not to print some Java Script code (which of course get executed immediately You perhaps meant to use onclick or oncomplete instead.Like as in basic HTML, those on* attributes are intented to execute some Java Script code...Probably removing this attribute will stop the reload action from happening. jsf,servlets,jsf-2 Not until the first HTTP request is fired. Try using this in your managed bean: Faces Current Instance()Partial View Context()Render Ids() .add("id Message"); ...The domain/host/base is namely configured completely independently from the web application (on the appserver and/or proxy server, if any). Define two JSF input Hidden Fields say screen Height, and screen Width in your xhtml files 2. jsf,jsf-2,subclass,managed-bean The Base Bean is wrongly designed. It does technically not make any sense to have multiple instances of different subclasses registered on the very same managed bean name/identifier.As to performing a POST to an external site, you don't necessarily need JSF here.

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