Pregnant dating baby isnt mine

He sets up a kissing booth under the guise of a fundraiser, when it is really to get Quinn to kiss him.Quinn, aware of his ploy, confronts him and initially rejected him.

In Britney/Brittany, Quinn asks Finn out on a date to ‎Breadstix even though Finn is in a relationship with Rachel.

Despite declining Quinn's offer, he tells her that he still has and probably always will have feelings for her.

Their relationship begins almost four months prior to Pilot and ends in the episode Sectionals, when Finn finds out that Quinn has cheated on him with his best friend, Noah Puckerman, and that she is pregnant with his baby.

They get back together the next year after Quinn cheats on Sam Evans, whom she was initially dating, with Finn.

Quinn lies to Finn about the paternity of the pregnancy and claims the baby is his, citing the time Finn prematurely ejaculated in Quinn's hot tub.

Under the false belief that Quinn is carrying his child, Finn opts to stay with her and attempts to become a good father.

It is soon revealed that Rachel asked Quinn to do this, however Quinn is still visibly upset from Finn's response.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Quinn is stuck in a dilemma in which she has to choose between the Cheerios and Glee Club.

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