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You will hear the name come up time and time again at a typical antiques auction, so if you find you’re getting hooked on the beauty of the collectible limoges boxes I am focusing on here, take a look at their other creations, all highly collectible and sought after.The history behind it, and the current manufacturing process certainly play a role, adding to the mystique and individuality of the pieces.

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For a time, production was still limited due to restrictions on the production of porcelain products.

The French Revolution brought an end to these restrictions and Limoges flourished in the wake.

Finally, an abundance of skilled artists and the French flair for aristic design set a standard that other Europeans and American porcelain producers struggle to emulate.

So, if your grandchild has just lost her first tooth or received his first haircut. Believe it or not, you’ll find an exquisite Limoges porcelain trinket box designed especially to memorialize those first strands of snipped hair, or that first lost tooth.

Unlike many American towns which found themselves dependent on one industry to fuel the economy, an industry that dried up for one reason or another, the artisans of Limoges didn’t simply curl up and die because the trends had changed. Just as the call for limoges enamel pieces dwindled, kaolin, an essential clay in the making of porcelain, was found just 18 miles southwest of Limoges at St. The kaolin is combined with pulverized feldspar and quartz.

Then a fine process of milling, pulverizing, heating, molding and firing begins.

So when a collector speaks of having a one-of-a-kind item, this will be the truth.

Shortly after the first Limoges factory was established, Louis XVI bought it.

You have to look at the mark in context; analysing the type of porcelain, the colours of the enamelling, the style of the modelling and the age of the piece in comparison to real Meissen – for example; does the age of the piece of porcelain match the style of the painted crossed swords?

I am doing this because it amazes me the amount of porcelain out there that is wrongly attributed to Meissen, I should add here that this is my own personal work and opinion and should not be used as a reference when buying, selling or appraising antiques…..

If Limoges went so far as to design a mini container for these, you can bet you’ll find one that will fit any need you have.

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