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I know poly people who get together for LARPing in the park, poly people who are obsessed with fermenting vegetables, poly people who go to PTA meetings and football games.

Open relationships work for people of all classes, ages, races, orientations, religions, and more.

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Rather, you commit to addressing those strong emotions and working through them with your partner(s).

Poly people have a word for the opposite of jealousy: compersion.

I highly recommend by Tristan Taormino for a primer on how different structures have worked for various people (and what to do when they don’t work for you). You and your partner might be cool having sex with other people as long as you’re both involved in the encounter.

You might be comfortable playing together at group parties.

You might be fine with you or your partner having sex but not falling in love, or falling in love but not having sex.

You might want to live with multiple partners, or have babies with certain partners but not others.You might have clearance for flirting, for surfing hookup apps, for doing sex work, for exchanging nude pictures with friends.The great news is that opening a relationship means designing it the way you and your partner(s) want.Within poly communities, we have a term for your partner’s partner: your metamour. You might really get along with your metamour: After all, you both love (and/or love to sleep with) the same person.But just because you have that person in common doesn’t necessarily mean you like one another, and that’s O. Learning to be civil and kind is a good practice, and if you have a metamour, you shouldn’t feel pressure for your relationship to be more than cordial.Compersion basically means feeling happy that your partner is happy.

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