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For me, it is a temporary job." "The culture is not what it used to be.Impossible expectations with little help from senior leadership."Hire people who will actually love their job, rather than hire someone who wants a manager position for the power they get.

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The level of CARE they give their employees is amazing.

I've never seen mid-level to top executives care so much about associates in all of my career.

This put a great deal of stress on me and the stress caused some additional heart problems.

There is little chance of promotion, favoritism runs wild, never call the CARE hotline which is supposed to be set up for employees to report issues, everybody goes with somebody else in the company even though it is against policy, employees are supposed to be certified for certain jobs, but are given the answers to the tests, this causes policy violations which management turns a blind eye.

There is no room to advance anywhere here and the only people that advance are those that sleep with the store manager or fraternize with the managers outside of the workplace.

Any issues brought to the store manager are ignored and brushed off as jealousy. If you try to call the care line you are threatened that you will be let go.

On average, employees at Pet Smart give their company a 3.2 rating out of 5.0 - which is 17% lower than the average rating for all companies on Career Bliss. I would have loved my job if management would let the employees take care of the animals and not threaten to fire them when they do." "I worked for Pet Smart for 8 years.

The happiest Pet Smart employees are Managers submitting an average rating of 4.6 and Store Managers with a rating of 3.6. I truly loved what they say were their priorities, the pet and the pet parents. They claim they care about their associates but it is unfortunately a false statement.

"Pet Smart is the most horrible place I have ever worked for! I was let go because I had heart issues on and off the last year and a half.

I was out on and off during that time and because of it my doctor could not determine a date of return on my last time out.

Do not get a job here, it is a terrible place to work." "I've worked for this company for quite a few years now.

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