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Now, let’s put an end to this and install a plugin that just works flawlessly.As usual, you can use the Ubuntu graphical tools, or do it on the command line: Now restart Firefox, and you should be able to play any Windows media files directly from your browser.

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Visit Stack Exchange When a program window stops responding, you can usually stop it by clicking the X-shaped close button at the top left of the window.

That will generally result in a dialog box saying that the program is not responding (but you already knew that) and presenting you with the option to kill the program or to continue to wait for it to respond.

At the same time, a lot of web media content is encoded in these formats, making it a real pain that they are not working.

There are various plugins that claim to work, but I have had some bad experiences with some not working and others creating lags and stop working after a few minutes.

Contrary to some skeptical mail we’ve gotten over the last several months, we don’t hate the TV para-teams and all the TV shows, nor are we “jealous” of their “success”, although to the extent that the TV guys represent everybody in this field, including us, we’re not shy about contesting some the evidence and the overall presentation in terms of pure investigative integrity, when we see something we think is disrespectful or cynically staged.

We’re actually kind of warming up to this one, for a few reasons.

The formula provides plenty of tension between the miners and the investigators (one of whom is a female and creates strife simply by entering the caves — a big no-no in miner superstition and folklore).

The two leads, Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman, embody a yin-yang approach to investigation.

If you can't close a window by normal means, you can hit .

Hover over the offending window and left-click to kill it.

The “House that ‘Sightings’ built” has been dismantled to its very foundations. And in doing so, the show displays how experiences of the paranormal affect participants on emotional and even physical levels.

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