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This attachment style also affects how we experience ourselves, and in turn how we are in relationships." Ahead, Bergen explains how our childhood experiences provide a model for our adult relationships, what we can do to break a negative cycle, and how we can raise the next generation.REBECCA BERGEN: I am going to focus on how our romantic relationships are influenced by our childhood experiences.

Do you think that it is impossible to raise your kids to be everything you want them to be? Not only are they listening, but more importantly, they are watching you closely and modeling their lives after you.

You may think your young people could care less about what you have to say, but current research suggests that parents have a lot more influence than they realize.

Other interesting findings illustrate just how important parents are, especially Dad.

Swiss researchers discovered that if Dad faithfully attends church, even though Mom doesn’t, kids are still 44 percent more likely to keep going to church as adults.

From his own experience, Curtis Burnam, a youth minister with 20 years of experience, agrees.

“Kids who are taken to church by Mom but not Dad are harder to keep in church.

God sets the lonely in families…” You have an incredible opportunity to fulfill that role in the lives of your teen’s friends.

By simply welcoming them into your home, giving them some food, and listening to what they are going through, you may change the life of someone who has never experienced the unconditional love of a parent.

If we, as parents, don’t feed their souls, they will seek to fill that emptiness with drugs, alcohol, or sex – or they will turn to the dozens of other ways teens mess up their lives by seeking a parental and faith substitute.” She’s right.

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