Outlook updating schedule information retrieving busy Lonely women phone chat

Similar with Out-of-office, and Offline address book.

If this web page was not running - you cannot get access to free/busy data.

Finally, to rule out many possibilities I reimaged her machine. What exactly was corrupted and where within Outlook or the OS is beyond me.

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The weird thing is when you first open Outlook; you can create a meeting and see the free/busy times. Sometimes calendar events or meetings can become corrupted.

But if you create another meeting, it gets grayed out. I even tried the "/cleanfreebusy" switch and it does not work. Thanks Vicki Ran into a similar situation a couple of weeks ago.

I have tested all combinations of XP & 7, Office 07 & 2010, none of them are able to see anything, all I get is: 07 - ‘No free/busy information could be retrieved’ 10 - 'Updating Schedule Information.

Retrieving Free/Busy information from the server.' I have tried the "nuclear option" & blown away local outlook profiles, as well as logging into machines not used by that user before & setting up new profiles, still nothing.

We have one user for whom no one can see their Free/Busy information in the Scheduling Assistant.

All users see "No Information" in the Scheduling Assistant for this particular person.

Seems basic but can you verify the Availability Service is running - this handles free/busy info - Also double-check that autodiscover is working - as this is used by exchange to locate the availability service URL.

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I do not see the availability of several of my team-colleagues in Outlook.

I have not done anything specific with my outlook, and the colleguges can see me fine in their Outlook.

If your account is hosted on an Exchange server and the Free/Busy information couldn't be retrieved by Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019, the Free/Busy information for other users will be displayed as slash marks (/).

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