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I could find no reason for not being able to compete on the all boy baseball team in elementary school, or why I had to wear a skirt to play lacrosse in middle school.


Wearing dresses, being covered in pink, playing with dolls, and not getting dirty at recess were just a few of the gender roles that I fought with.

I never understood why I wasn’t allowed to wear what I want or play with the toys I liked.

As girls grow into women, their societal given norm is to know how to cook, take care of their children, and often times become slightly more emotional than is necessary.

To reinforce these roles, take a look at yourself, perhaps, or other men and women in your life.

Many companies are currently using outdated IT infrastructure.

This includes network equipment such as firewalls, switches or routers, and server and storage systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Why couldn’t I wear shoulder pads and a helmet for lacrosse and play rough like my brother and his friends? They have molded and changed over time, but unfortunately have not disappeared.

To make it clear, a gender role is a socially accepted norm for people of a certain sex.

An outdated infrastructure can slow down your company’s productivity considerably.

Technology used by old equipment is usually not compatible with newer software and more modern standards.

Corporate networks running on unsupported, obsolete systems are often unstable and therefore unreliable.

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