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Test scores must be submitted directly to the Graduate Admissions Office for processing by ETS.Any questions about GRE score submissions and receipt can be sent to [email protected]

If you are required to insert a department code for the TOEFL test, you can one of the following codes: Aeronautical Engineering = 63 Mechanical Engineering = 68 Engineering, Other = 69 Any questions about English language score submissions and receipt can be sent to [email protected]

In the event you need to submit one or more of the required documents and you did not do so at the time you applied or you need to submit updated documents (SOP, resume/CV, transcripts) you can use the Document Uploader through the Graduate Admissions Office via the link below or by emailing them to .

If you are an international applicant, you must upload scans of official transcripts with degree statements (proof of degree) in their original language, along with English language translations that follow the format of the original documents.

When the policy of the institution prohibits issuing the transcripts directly to another institution, a photocopy of the original document certified by an official of that educational institution, an embassy office, the Ministry of Education, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be submitted for review.

Ohio State students do not need to submit copies of their Ohio State transcripts when they apply.

The department will acquire those documents internally.

Please note it can take as many as 5-7 business days for your materials to show up there if you uploaded them at the time of your application.

The following items are required of all applicants unless otherwise noted.

The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering does not accept mailed documents.

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