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It has nothing to do with how I define myself.” And though the two rarely make public appearances with one another (one of the most famous talking points of their relationship, at least in terms of media coverage), Graham is always there when it really matters.

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Instead of fighting it, they’ve found their groove and are happier and stronger for it.

She says that if she and Stedman had gotten married, it likely wouldn’t have worked out because of how unusual their relationship is in contrast with the expectations that go along with marriage.

News stating, “I happen to be with a man who has always appreciated the fact that I was…considered a powerful person…[He’s] not trying to crowd in on it, not competing with it.

She has been in a long-term relationship with Stedman Graham since 1986.

But she didn’t let the fame go to her head, and Graham, a traditional man by all accounts, was nothing but supportive and encouraging of his strong and successful female partner along their journey, both keys to a relationship that would eventually span more than three decades.

Through the years, they battled everything from tabloid rumors — including a false story published in The Chicago Sun-Times about Graham’s falsly alleged affair, which was later redacted with an apology from the paper — to a cancelled engagement and the media criticism that followed.

He states the when him and Oprah were dating that they would sniff or smoke crack.

This statement has been notified as a "no comment subject" by Oprah and her television crew when adressed on her show.

“If you ever interviewed him, he would tell you that had we married, we would not be together today,” said Oprah.

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