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“It’s a small team that runs the site, but every person accepts bisexuality and bisexual people,” said Nick.

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“has helped thousands of bisexual singles and couples find their match,” Nick said.

“As a bi-only platform, we are among the most trusted and comfortable places for bisexuals to meet, chat, and date.

“ Membership on is free, and users visit the website for a variety of reasons — from meeting friends to forming partnerships.

When creating a profile, users can identify themselves as a “Bi Woman,” “Bi Man,” or a “Bi Couple.” Alternately, they can change the label from “Bi” to “Bi-Curious.” Next, users choose who they’re interested in meeting — a woman, a man, either, a couple, or all of the above.

“And they also tend to believe that bisexuals have twice as much sex as everyone else.

But Bisexuals don’t find it’s easier to find a partner; instead, it’s harder.” This prejudice has negative repercussions on bisexuals.Short version: Bisexuals may be the majority within the LGBTQ community, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most accepted or understood.Facing discrimination and depression, bisexuals often feel unwelcome in both gay and straight circles.“Despite being the largest population within the LGBT community, bisexuals tend to be seen as outsiders in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual communities.They often receive negative comments and are mistreated,” Nick said.aims to create a community where bisexuals can interact on their own terms since they often face exclusion from both sides.

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