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The purpose of the study was to identify the existing type of nursephysician relationship and factors contributing to the current nurse-physician relationships as perceived by the Registered nurses in a private healthcare setting in Malaysia.

However, throughout the entire history nurses and physicians have shared a complicated relationship [3].

The nurse-physician relationship is influenced by the power of authority, social status, gender and other perspectives.

The features of collegial relationship include equal trust; power and respect characterize a collegial relationship.

Nurses and physicians refer to each other as peers in their relationship.

Schmalenberg and Kramer in their research article reported findings synthesized from six research articles on nurse-physician communication.

This article published story of 20,000 staff nurses how they perceive, assess and develop high-quality relationships with physicians in hospitals to improve patient care.

In conclusion, a healthy nurse-physician communication is a vital factor in determining patient safety and quality of care.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation (JCA) set up the Patient Safety Goals (PSG) in 2003 to address the significant patient safety issues.

Doctors are excellent and value the opinion of staff nurses.

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