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Below, we present our favorite sites and apps that will let you legally watch movies for free online without having to hand over your credit card.

These are primarily ad-supported services, without any kind of hidden fees or charges, and they are all 100% legitimate – no pirating allowed. Speaking of ethics…every college student and broke 20-something in the world knows about the free trials offered by Netflix, Hulu, and the rest.

Personally, I can remember rotating credit card numbers and email addresses so I could keep my Hulu premium subscription going for a few months.

However, those trials are limited, and you’ll eventually run out of credit cards and email addresses, right? Hulu and the rest identify unique customers by a combination of the credit card number, the e-mail address, and the IP address used to subscribe to the service – but mainly by the credit card number.

Some consumers, for various reasons, don't have a credit card to use for their internet shopping.

With some perseverance they can find a few sites that might work for their needs.

(10/04/2008) By Cyinda LTD commodities does require a credit card and ABC distributing, Bill me later dot com checks your credit on the spot.

If you have bad credit you will be turned down right then and there.

Some holders have been fairly generous about this, and have been willing to license out their material at reasonable prices so that it could reach a wide audience. Also see our article How To Watch Movies on Kodi Back in the days of broadcast TV, there were only a few channels available, but they were all ad-supported and thus free at the point of use.

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