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Another service called My Question Service enables young people in urban and rural areas without access to the internet or smartphones to send questions about SRH to a short code (38120).The messages are free for users of MTN, GLO and Airtel networks in Nigeria.SRH Tech solutions: A game-changer for Nigerian boys & girls?

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Most will probably have to leave school to marry and start a family earlier than anticipated, or to live as a single mother with the associated stigma.

If she had access to contraception and accurate information about her sexual and reproductive health, her story may have turned out differently.

The project was handed over to EVA and the HIV/AIDS unit of Nigeria's Ministry of Education to continue operation in 2012.

Over 900,000 text messages, 28,433 voice calls and 800 emails/web entries have been received since 2007.

Mobile applications and use of peer marketers to spread the word about their services are some of the latest innovations by EVA.

Chinelo Okonkwo, a Programme Manager at EVA, said the numbers of young people that reach out to them daily shows that the yearning for SRH knowledge is quite high.

Contraceptive use by young people flies against the generally held belief Nigerians hold that boys and girls between the ages of 15-19 are not having sex.

The traditional Nigerian parent cringes at the mention of sexual and reproductive health when it comes to their children, and the educational system struggles to properly teach adolescents about sexual health, especially with regards to the use of contraception.

The reality is that many young people in Nigeria are confronted with situations where they are put under pressure to engage in sexual activity.

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