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Another Android phone is getting its serving of Pie from T-Mobile this week.The Samsung Galaxy J7 Star is now being updated to Android 9 Pie.

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These sites were upgraded with more mid-band LTE capacity using PCS and AWS spectrum. Some of the lucky cities include Portland, OR; Ottumwa, IA; Marietta, GA; Gladwin, MI; and Austin, TX. [read full article] After teasing that T-Mobile customers will get “the royal treatment” next Tuesday, T-Mo today confirmed that it’s formed a kingly partnership.

T-Mobile and Burger King are teaming up to give free food to T-Mobile customers every month through January.

In a court filing yesterday, T-Mobile responded to the state AGs lawsuit by arguing that Sprint has been steadily losing both subscribers and marketshare. [read full article] We’ve seen a few Alcatel tablets hit T-Mobile shelves over the years, and now it looks like another model is coming soon. Images shared by Evan Blass show a pretty plain-looking black tablet with “4G LTE” in its status bar and an Alcatel logo on its backside.

Specs for the Alcatel Joy Tab aren’t included in today’s leak, but we can see front and rear cameras as …

[read full article] Another week, another round of network upgrades from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray announced today that T-Mo has performed upgrades on hundreds of cell sites across the country in the last two weeks.

A couple of photos that may show the Pixel 4 have leaked out, giving a clear glimpse at both the front and back of the device.

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[read full article] T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint is facing a lawsuit from 16 state attorneys general who say that the deal will reduce competition, raise prices, and harm jobs.

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