My friend is dating my ex boyfriend

Some say “We broke up, it is natural that we’ll move on and date other people. We are not together anymore.” And some girls (the best friend) also agree and say something like “If they broke up on good terms, why wouldn’t I go out with my best friend’s ex?He is not her boyfriend anymore, he is just a guy, and dating him is not a crime, right?No doubt about it, you are probably going to feel really pissed off!

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” While others -passive aggressively- say “If two people thought it was fine for them to do so, then they are perfect for each other honestly.

So they should probably stay together, because it’ll be hard for them to find someone who is compatible with them.” The justifications vary.

Going after a friend's ex could very easily complicate your friendship.

If your relationship with this friend really matters to you, it's best to stay away from exes altogether.

If you feel like your friend might be OK with it, have a talk.

Respect her answer and value her feelings, even if they're not exactly what you want to hear.

Some girls will tell you something like “Of course it is not okay for my ex boyfriend to date my friend! Because that would mean that they have had feelings for each other when I was dating him!

And if not, he’d still be taking my friend away from me! ” Others who have a less dramatic point of view but are still completely against it say “For my friend to date my ex would mean that she doesn’t care about our friendship that much.

She should be there for me to support me through the breakup; is she going to side with the enemy instead? It simply means that for her, a guy is worth jeopardizing and completely changing the nature of our relationship for.

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