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Shunning premarital sex may seem old-fashioned to some, but Erica Williams says nowadays celibacy is somewhat of a movement, especially among some minority women.

Williams, 30, is the founder of Journey to Purity, a nonprofit agency in Virginia that aims to promote celibacy in women through education and community-building efforts.

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“When single, you get to be a little more selfish.” How does one date when sex is a no-go?

There seems to be, Williams says, three types of guys a celibate women will most likely encounter while dating: 1.

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“But you are willing to subdue those hormonal feelings and emotions or wants, to zone in on something a little bit bigger than just a sexual moment.” “No sex doesn’t necessarily mean no intimacy,” say Whitfield and Harris, who have co-authored a book and host a podcast together.

Intimacy is defined as an ongoing connection between two people.

At that time I felt like sex is what I needed to do.” She has had many celibacy starts and stops over the years but reached a point when she told God she was all in, Williams says. “Certainly, being raised in the church or being exposed to biblical truth has a strong impression on how people approach sex, whether in marriage or premarital,” says Almeta Radford, who ministers alongside her husband at a church in Virginia.

If it isn’t driven by a deep desire to refrain, celibacy can be extremely difficult, says Lex Harris, a Washington-area therapist focused on families and relationships. “It’s your natural inclination to be joined with another person, it’s a natural desire that’s within us.” There are pros and cons with each type of sex, she says.

At the ripe age of 21, I was learning that our perceptions of people and places, most often, rarely meet their reality.

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