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The existence of this protein naturally on T cells has been demonstrated by: - preparation of sera raised against a synthetic peptide representing a region probably exposed to the outside of the FDC c DNA translation product having a protein structure looped, - immunoprecipitation of the LAG-3 protein by anti-peptide heteroantibodies.

The proteins of the invention can further be obtained by other methods of purification of membrane proteins or conventional peptide synthesis or by application of genetic engineering techniques comprising inserting a DNA sequence encoding a protein according to the invention in an expression vector such as a plasmid and transformation of cells with this expression vector and culturing these cells.

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- selection of complementary DNA inserted into the vector which react with the probe - transfer of the selected DNA into a plasmid vector for the amplified, purified and carry out the sequencing.

The protein sequence of the invention was obtained by: - translation of the nucleotide sequence of the c DNA FDC.

This family of molecules include proteins comprising at least one area with a folding region aliasing feature called Ig.

Several of these molecules have important functions in immune responses.

The inventors have also found a DNA sequence which is a promoter region of a gene encoding a protein according to the invention. The present invention also relates to a DNA sequence comprising the promoter DNA sequence as defined above and a DNA sequence encoding a protein according to the present invention.

In the present invention, the inventors were initially obtained complementary DNA FDC by the steps of: - culture of lymphocyte cells called natural cytotoxic cells - isolating from these cell messenger RNA bound to the membranes of the intracellular endoplasmic reticulum - obtaining the single-stranded complementary DNA from the messenger RNA and the complementary double-stranded DNA - insertion into a vector such as bacteriophage lambda GT10 - preparing a single-stranded DNA probe from the messenger RNA of the cells and purification by a technique of hybridization-subtraction so as to select copies of RNA present in natural cytotoxic lymphocyte cells and absent in of other transformed hematopoietic cells.2 wherein Xaa is selected from H, a methionine residue or the sequence from -28 to -1 of the protein sequence shown in SEQ No.1 and the sequences which differ by one or more amino acids and which have the same activity. The present invention accordingly also relates to the DNA sequence.The present invention thus more particularly relates to the protein corresponding to the protein sequence 1 to 470 of SEQ ID No. The mature protein is a membrane protein of type I of 470 amino acids, the theoretical molecular weight deduced from the protein structure is 51295 Daltons and point isoélec stick equal to 10.9.It comprises an extracellular region including approximately 420 amino acids and a cytoplasmic region including about 24 amino acids linked by a transmembrane peptide including about 26 amino acids.The present invention therefore relates to a DNA sequence comprising the nucleotide sequence designated FDC, corresponding to the c DNA sequence shown in SEQ ID No. The translation begins at nucleotide 231 and ends at nucleotide 1724 inclusive.

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