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Edna then ordered me to take all my clothes off and get on the table.I doubt if I was ever more embarrassed as I decided to take a chance on this.

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Another month or two went by and she kept asking me if I would like her and Sally to fulfill my sexual fetish. She began telling me I was a chicken and insisted she or Sally wouldn't really hurt me badly.

The way she talked about things greatly aroused me and I let her talk me into going to her house on a particular Saturday. She introduced me to Sally who was exactly like she discribed to me.

I got mixed up sometimes forgetting things I had already told her. tall, 180 lbs and married but the truth is I'm 5'7, 132 lbs. She caught me in lies many times and confronted me about it.

The reason I kept chatting with her is that I always had a fetish to be dominated by a woman.

I doubted whether she told me the truth all the time, saying she was a 52 year old bisexual who liked and had many times mistreated men she had dated.

She said she lived with a 43 year old woman named Sally who was also a bisexual and had distain for men.

She bluntley told me I had to obey her and Sally at all times and if I wanted anything I had to ask their permission.

They took me into what was like a family room only there was a long table in the middle.

As I kept giving Sally oral sex I then felt something enter my rectum and it took a second or two before I realized it was a vibrator.

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