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When they take a break from a dull guided tour and hide in the lobby of a five star hotel, Grace is mistaken for Cordelia, a spoiled British heiress.Grace does not have a chance to correct the mistake, and suddenly the girls find themselves in the South of France, having a much more glamorous time.

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Grace continues on with her admission, and she tries to tell Theo that not everything he knew about her was a lie, but Theo is too hurt by her deception to listen and leaves, saying that he thought she was different.

Grace encourages everyone to help the Romanian and Kenyan schoolchildren that the auction is for and not let her mistake get in the way of that, and Cordelia’s aunt Alicia (Catherine Tate) then appears and bids €6 million for the necklace, helping Grace out of her jam.

And Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith are filming outside the most opulent building of all, the Hotel de Paris.

Selena plays Grace, a young woman who has dreamed about taking a trip to Paris for as long as she can remember.

Grace tells Bernard to tell Theo that she said goodbye and that he was right in that she is different, and Bernard replies that Theo knows that.

Some time later, Meg and Riley are shown reaching the top of Machu Picchu, and Emma and Owen are living happily together in Texas.

The roads are packed with Ferraris and gleaming vintage cream sports cars competing for space.

The golden heat of the sun is barely tempered by a sea breeze.

Grace is shown doing volunteer work at a new children’s school under construction in Romania, and one day, Theo – who is making his first-ever visit to one of these schools to go over its development – shows up to do his work and spots Grace as she is leaving to make an errand.

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