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I'm always the one begging for other's attention. I go and try and make plans with people and they always forget.

Today I had the courage to ask a friend if they want to hang out and they forgot and played with cooler friends. I'm 16f in high school and I never make friends.

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My self esteem is low nowadays though mostly because of serious work/sleep-related stress and being brought down with sadness over not having a relationship after vividly remembering moments of physical intimacy and emotional connection (plus shared interests we partook in together) with a girl I knew in the past.

Here is some good further reading.https://i.imgur.com/d6ZMOQG.pnghttps:// Chances are you are probably not very lonely or depressed to begin with if you give this sort of advice.

We are not always going to find friends in every situation we find ourselves in, sometimes it’s going to just be a case of keeping busy with what we are doing, taking a book to read, and then going home afterwards.

This is not failure – the more we can take away the pressure from ourselves of having to try and find someone who likes us in every situation – the more we can begin to realise that being loved by Jesus, and thought important and significant by him is enough for us in some situations to free us to feel okay about time spent alone.

Are there things you enjoy doing or visiting, meeting people with a similar interest to you is a great way of becoming less lonely.

The advantage of meeting people at clubs or groups where they are there because they enjoy a certain activity, is that you automatically have something in common with them – you don’t have to struggle to know what to say, you can ask about their views on the thing the club is about.Exactly what it says on the tin, this place now has a chat room so if you'd like to join it, I'm sure we can make it a good chatting community in there hopefully!Just look at the side of the subreddit on desktop, and the chatroom will be there for you to join!Some people can spend time with a group of people and feel lonely, others might hardly ever see anyone and feel lonely.Loneliness is not so much to do with who is around us but is often more to do with how well we feel accepted, needed, wanted, cared for.We are all more than just a physical body, we also have feelings, emotions and a spiritual side to us.

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