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Dependents of an OP or RP holder may also apply for residence permits for a duration not exceeding that of the OP or RP holder.

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They are also eligible to acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

Applications for Occupation Permit (OP) or Residence Permit (RP) should be submitted online on via 2 options namely: Option A: Approval in principle – a foreign national can submit his application online without the obligation to travel to Mauritius in the first instance.

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The Occupation Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius under 3 specific categories namely: Foreign nationals, above the age of 50 years, may also choose to retire in Mauritius under a Residence Permit (RP).

An OP or a RP is issued for a maximum period of three years and the permit holder may submit a new application at expiry of the permit.

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