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A limerick is a short and fun five-line poem with a distinctive rhythm.

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The father of three, who was heavily involved in the Collective Complaint process in Limerick, lives in one of the city’s four regeneration communities.

He is hoping the result of the action being taken in Europe will lead to the introduction of rights-based legislation governing how regeneration is carried out by local authorities.

A bellyful of laughs never hurt anyone’s first date, so why not give Dolan’s a whirl?

As well as a grand live gig list, Dolan’s regular stand-up performers offer great craic in the adjoining venue.

I have a few extra pounds, but I keep myself in good shape.

Don't I am a man medium height, positive more often than not, maybe I shouldn't be, but we have one life and I will plug on!

Settle in, crack open the bubbly and let your natural charm do the rest!

Limerick is well known for its literary history which is intrinsically linked to its lovely old public houses.

Limerick is also located at the head of the Shannon Estuary, where the river widens before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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