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From the very beginning it's clear that the enormous ensemble cast poses a big problem, as they arrive with practically no introduction and exit with little or no character development.

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Rated a PG, unlike its predecessor's R, this is family friendly fun that frowns on drunkenness ("Believe me, I won't be doing that again"), plays up the importance of good work ethic and promotes the message that there actually is life beyond fame.

While there's no doubt this is an enjoyable and frivolous ride, it unfortunately lacks the punch and sizzle necessary to really sparkle and in the end it can't quite match its beloved namesake.

She graduated from high school as valedictorian when she was 13 years old and received her Associate's Degree at age 15. Kiara Ohlde he is dating Chelsea Kay again her myspace but guess what i heard he is dating Kiara Ohlde again because he was mad that he left Kiara Ohlde for Chelsea Kay.

She is now retired from acting and working as a zoologist. Sorry Chelsea Kay maybe they will break up again but i heard there love was stronger than ever.

He was super sweet and took his time with each person! After they walked the red carpet, V Factory performed their catchy new song “Get Up” to a screaming crowd!

– V Factory was set to perform a free concert at the premiere, and we got to see them do their sound check and practice their dance moves before the REAL thing. – Ashley Tisdale came with her sister, and even though her ex-bf Jared Murillo was there with V Factory, there was no awkwardness at all!

kay panabaker i belive the movie was summerland He says he first kissed a girl in the fifth grade (didn't give her name).

– We spotted V Factory cutie Asher Book, who stars in the movie as Marco, getting autograph and picture requests from excited fans.

It went on to spawn a host of money-making spinoffs, including a TV series, a Broadway musical, a reality show and this - an update aimed at the hold its own?

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